Importance of Change Control Management and Event Monitoring in Cybersecurity

  • January 3, 2023

Change control management is a core element of security operation service and strategies. There are many cybersecurity firms that simply ignore or misuse change control management during the implementation phase. Remember, if your change control management system is ineffective, it can leave you in deep trouble. It may lead to the loss of critical system information, damage your organization’s reputation, expose your business to risks, cause network outages, and even negatively affect your revenue.

The most important element in change control management is the willingness and training of your people in the change process. The system should ideally be customized to your organizational culture, so it cannot create excuses for unfinished work. You need to have a mechanism in place for your business that would make it stand at par with the industry leaders.

The change control management process involves:

  • Documenting firewall changes, including rules added, removed, or edited
  • Having the network security and security operation team own the system and work in collaboration
  • Making sure that every change request is mapped, processed, and approved by following the established policies and hierarchy
  • Identifying and locating the devices and systems affected by a change
  • Understanding the risks a particular change may present and developing quick strategies to cope with the risks

When it comes to change control management, you have two options: follow the slow, manual change management process or automate the process, making things simple and seamless for you.

Information and event monitoring also hold a critical place in cybersecurity. It is a method of the cybersecurity operation that shows you the big picture of your organization’s cybersecurity. Valuable information about your business’s security is generated on different sites, often making it cumbersome to monitor all the data from different aspects. The information and event monitoring service make this task easy for you.

The ideal cybersecurity service will provide you with a bird’s-eye view of the trends and patterns in your cyber security, making it easier for you to notice any changes. Instead of looking at information security and event management separately, you should view and monitor both of the components under a single security management system.

Be sure to perform the information and event monitoring by consolidating the warehousing and analysis of logs and allowing real-time assessment. This lets the security experts and technical team quickly deploy defensive measures. The centralization of data also lets you do trend analysis and generate automatic reports for compliance and other purposes.

You should not only do monitoring and analysis of the information and events but also keep eye on system audit events. When you use the log monitoring and analysis service together with your internal policies and procedures, it will simply boost your compliance strategy. Remember, the failure to follow a reliable logging mechanism will mean a huge liability for your business in terms of non-compliance.

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